The following is a list of helpful links and resources that we have found valuable. Please let us know if any of our links point to sites that may no longer be valid. Please feel free to suggest additional links that we should add to our list.

Bethlehem Yellow Pages

Are you seeking a church and a community that speaks to the common man and understands the extraordinary challenges he faces today? If so, Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church, in Richmond, California is seeking you. Relevant but reverent, Pastor Alvin Bernstine and the ministry address today’s problems but never forget the strength that comes from the Word of the Lord or the power of community.

California State Baptist Convention, Inc.

California State Baptist Convention
P.O. Box 2589
Fairfield, CA 94533
Phone: 650.474.0231

National Baptist Convention,

USA, Inc.

World Center Headquarters
1700 Baptist World Center Drive
Nashville, TN 37207
Phone: 615.228.6292
Toll Free: 866.531.3054
Fax: 615.262.3917

Progressive Baptist Missionary Educational District Association

Moderator Rodney J. Leggett and the Associate Churches of the Progressive Baptist Missionary Educational District Association. Welcome you to  the PBMEDA Website. We hope that you will be helped, encouraged, and inspired by what you hear and see.